Cybersecurity… An Organizational Strategy

Privacy became an increasingly scarce commodity, to an extent that it is considered by various countries as a fundamental right and protected by law.  On the other hand, companies are now considering cyber security an integral part of their strategies, and privacy of data is at the forefront of their interests.

We are all in agreement that cybersecurity is defined as the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal practices, and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. But why is it important?


The Reliance on Cybersecurity

Nowadays, almost everything around us is automated or in other words, digitally transformed, such as:

 Communication (smartphones/tablets/emails)

 Entertainment (social media/video games/various apps)

 Shopping (online shopping/credit cards)

 Medicine (medical records/ results)

 And most importantly, our jobs! (relying on solutions, tools, and the cloud)



Here is where the importance of Cyber Security sets foot in!

For the past couple of years, COVID-19 has created new challenges for many businesses around the world. One main challenge was operating our work remotely, where this method of operation has become the “new normal”, and it comes with many factors such as access to database, log-in requirements, and more requirements that in a way increase vulnerability.

With the rise of the remote working trend, a greater focus on cyber security emerged due to the significant exposure of cyber risk during this period of time. Cyber-attackers have seen that this pandemic is an opportunity for them to step up their criminal practices by exploiting the vulnerability of remote working employees. Some of the attackers took advantage of people’s strong interest in any news related to COVID and sent viruses, such as (Fake coronavirus websites/scam emails … etc.).

At STS we have dealt with such cases at the beginning of this pandemic but thankfully, and because of our strong and advanced cyber security system we were able to eliminate those incidents in no time.

If systems and infrastructures do not have the right protection, data might fall into wrong hands. Therefore, it is vital to embed cyber security as part of any organization strategy and include it in its policies.

Organizations, businesses, governmental institutions, hospitals, and other socially critical organizations, store immeasurable amounts of data on their computers and other devices. Any exposure to this information can lead to many harmful cases affecting their consumers trust in them, business competitiveness, and personal reputations.


Protection comes first

Prevention is better than cure, and the best solution to safe keep our personal or industrial data is to stay defensive as much as possible.

STS provides solid cyber security offerings in its portfolio and has a vast customer base who are benefiting from them. Moreover, STS provides its customers with an innovative SOC room offering that monitors and stops any attempts of data breaches, in addition to security licenses and trainings.

To conclude, hackers are always coming out with new techniques to snip data and cause turbulences, therefore cybersecurity should be always placed in any organization’s strategy and given extra attention. Proactivity in addressing the threats and planning ways to prevent successful cyber-attacks is safer than responding to them only when they occur. This pandemic has taught us that “preparation “is key to successfully limiting the risks related to cyber-attacks.


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