The Need for Digital Engagement is on the Rise

As organizations evolve, they are more focused on driving innovation and speed into their processes, a matter which made the reliance on technology to automate the transactional aspects of their work inevitable.


From this angle, the concept of “Digital Workplace” has saw light, due to its ability to engage employees in organizations, and to its role in maintaining productivity by offering a place to collaborate, communicate and connect with others in a fully automated manner. Additionally, digital workplaces offer the ability to share information instantly allowing decisions to be made quickly, and increasing the productivity of the workforce.


A Digital Workplace that Works

At STS, we realized that in order to come up with a digital workplace that really works, all the platform’s aspects should be taken into consideration to provide an engaging solution that is unified, integrated and most importantly secure. Using the most advanced technologies in the market, we have proudly introduced “Ngage”, our digital workplace solution.

There are two pillars that “Ngage” and other available digital workplaces focus on in their fundamental offering namely: Employee engagement & Automation.

The emphasis of this article would be on Employee Engagement and how Ngage tackles this pillar for its users benefits.


When communication meets latest technologies

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful workforce. Therefore, digital tools that are built in an intelligent manner providing an easy way for organizations to communicate in real-time. In addition to keeping employees informed, digital communication enables employees throughout the organizations to interact efficiently. With Ngage, the technology is integrated to provide the best end-user experience on its collaborative platform, using Microsoft Modern Workplace Technology combined with Cisco Telephony Solution for an advanced experience.


Building resilience among organizations

Through Ngage, teams are able to virtually meet, collaborate and to manage their work while securely connecting with applications and virtual desktops from anywhere, demolishing the boundaries of physical workplaces yet achieving efficiency.

A document management system has been put in place for sharing, managing and safely storing documents. Moreover, users have control to utilize information from relevant sources such as systems of record, and enterprise content management systems.

By Integrating Microsoft and Citrix, users can access their collaboration platform, application, and virtual desktop in secure way by obliging SSL Encryption, Data Loss Prevention, Multi Factor Authentication and Conditional Access, ensuring that data and information are protected and secured.


Technology is set, what is next?

Some employees find it difficult to complete their work due to out outdated tools, poor communication, and poor access to information, a matter which can lead to frustration and less productivity. By using Ngage, content is available in a unified modern portal that is secure and easily accessed by employees, providing updated information quickly via user-friendly tools.  Moreover, Ngage provides a digital platform for employees to interact and share ideas reinforcing a shared sense of purpose among them, and giving them a valued control, which results in making them more resilient, sustainable, and successful.

Ngage emits the presence of organizational silos, as it makes information available and easily accessed.  

STS utilizes the strength of Microsoft, Cisco, and Citrix Solution technologies


To be continued…

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