Ngage, a Digital Workplace from an STS Outlook – Part 2


The Need for Speed

Speed and attentiveness are now considered important “transactions in demand” needed in our daily lives, and is now a prominent aspect in the era of Digital Transformation. With the arrival of the new technologies, especially those made towards making workplaces purely digital with an elevated human interaction, we have seen how mindsets has been changing and more accepting to what digital transformation has to offer.


With modern digital workplaces, news now can travel fast thanks to its social networking capacity, also crisis can be attended to almost instantly, as responsible parties can engage anywhere and at any time, minimizing the damage.

Ngage, STS’s Modern Work Place, was made taking many of these aspects into consideration, combining features in one place to enable creating a virtual professional community. Ngage allows access to employee’s efficiency, task alignment, setting deadlines and monitoring productivity, in one place for automated accurate outcomes.


A Customized & Integrated Solution:

Ngage combines the power of Office365 & SharePoint online along with the chat and collaboration tools of Microsoft Teams, it enables users to discover and search relevant content, sites, and news from across the organization right from the Team’s app bar. Ngage also allows the incorporation of your organization’s brand and identity directly into Teams.

STS’s Ngage Digital Workplace solution can deal with different sectors based on their operational needs & strategic approach as having a flexible solution is inevitable because every institution has its own policies and priorities that needs to be catered to. For an example, some commercial companies may need a solution for tracking the employee usage while others may need a solution that allows their employees to participate with blogs, create polls and surveys and stay updated on the latest announcements and status updates. Additionally, Ngage provides an emergency resource center for real-time updates during emergencies.

STS Digital Transformation team can determine the status of the digital workplace in your market segment and compare it with your competitors, define a digital workplace strategy aligned with your business strategy and build a business case to support our argument and build an action plan.


Accessibility, Usability & Security  

Whether it’s a laptop or Mobile Device, Ngage platform is user friendly to navigate through sections seamlessly. We at STS, do not only provide you with the solution, we also ensure a smooth transition of all your operations into a newly tailor-made digital workplace.

When it comes to security, don’t worry!  We take information & privacy of the organization’s data seriously protecting it from malwares, viruses and any malicious attacks.

Ngage use your existing infrastructure to save time and money—backed up by world-class security solutions from Microsoft.

It is now time to take your company to the next level, for understanding in more detail how Ngage can change the way you do your business, visit Ngage’s page and our experts will support you.

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