Nsights, Revolutionary Sales Force Automation Platform

Nsights Pharma

Made with solid pharma expertise for full control over the pharmaceutical business processes for a guaranteed increase in revenue and engagements.

Nsights is built to suit your:

Top management via advanced analytics and insights on customer behavior, market forecast, and on sales results

Sales and marketing teams give an edge with base analytics and ratings, planning, and ability to provide updated marketing templates and even real-time feedback!

Medical rep’s vital journey by auto planning and GPS route optimization, product coaching & double visits, a tool to monitor the stock and ability to track achievements

Sales managers and supervisors, with a comprehensive dashboard to receive updates and reporting, utilize a calendar planner tool and plan accuracy calculations


Clients :


Life Puls

Alfaisaliah Medical Systems


What is in it for you:

Real-time and In-depth Reporting for tasks, achievements, progress and more

Predictive Report Analysis that helps you in your decision making, provides insights and ultimately increase sales

Coverage and GPS Report Generation to stay updated and maintain schedulessp

Sales and Non-sales KPI easily set, managed and tracked

Specialization or Product Coverage to assist in tracking visits according to these areas

Mobile BI gives you access to data such as KPIs, business metrics, and dashboards any mobile devices (IoS & Android compatibility)


Based on four modules to answer your various requirements: Planning Module, Relationships Module, Coverage Module, Collaboration & Reporting Module

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